Origin story

About us


The grid has been working in the same way for over 100 years. Unlike the Internet, the power grid consists of connected metal wires — without any internal intelligence. If an error occurs, the network owners have very limited possibilities to locate it. Most often, it is a pure trial-and-error search, combined with visual inspection of the wires.

Now comes the opportunity to know what is really happening in the grid, the possibility to finally start approaching a real "Smart Grid". Knowing the status of it is a prerequisite for the great visions of renewable energy, charging of all the coming electric cars, rebuilding of industries in order to avoid use of fossil fuels and more. We make the future possible!

Exeri was founded in 2009 by three former Ericsson employees with extensive experience of sensor networks, network monitoring, command and control systems, security and communication systems. We have not only worked with development but also with product management, design, international sales and support.

After a few years as consultants, we decided to invest fully in our product idea. We have been working for three years to develop SGS.

Today we have five employees and as many consultants. We need to get more fast when the market calls for our system.

Our goal is to be internationally established within a few years.