Smart Grid SurveillancE

Precise positioning of defects in the power grid.


This is Smart Grid Surveillance

— a completely unique innovation that brings the power grid up to speed with today's technology.

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Exact positioning of errors

When an error or problem occurs, the system can tell exactly where and the quickest route to go there. This can save hours of otherwise manual troubleshooting (trial and error combined with visual inspection).

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Predict necessary maintenance

Statistics provide indications as to where your grid needs maintenance to avoid emerging or likely problems. Replace and repair in advance, not when something has already happened!

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Real-time decision support

With a complete system of intelligent line agents deployed in the network, an integrated communications solution, and decision support that analyzes and presents conclusions about the status of the network, you have continuous access to a simple and easy-to-understand overview of the current situation.

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Increased safety for field workers

The safety risk may be high for field workers and the general public. Normally there is no way to know in advance if a pole or a broken wire is still live. With Exeri SGS, you will know.



Not only does EXERI Smart Grid Surveillance solve a wide array of problems with managing and maintaining electric grids, but it does so cheaper and more sustainable than any other solution on the market.



Built on decades of experience with technological innovation.

Exeri was founded in 2009 by three former Ericsson employees with extensive experience of sensor networks, network monitoring, command and control systems, security and communication systems. We have not only worked with development but also with product management, design, international sales and support.